Steven T Clermont

Facility Manager / DJQ Enterprises

We have a working relationship with Dean and his crew going on several years now. They have performed paving, curbing, site work, interior trench drains, demolition, concrete work, landscaping, drainage, water mains and many other jobs. Dean and his crew are an excellent group to work with. They are professional, hardworking and genuinely nice people. Dean is always there to guide you in the right direction with any project and will think outside the box to get you the results you need with-in your budget. I would highly recommend DCCI.  

Deano C Construction Inc.

Patrick Donovan

CFO, Northeastern Sheet Metal

Deano C Construction has done numerous projects for us dating back to 2000.   Dean has been our "go-to guy" for all of our excavation and site work needs.  Not only is Dean very responsive and accommodating to our needs, he has the knowledge and experience to solve the inevitable problems that come with most construction projects.  Dean and his crew are very professional and easy to work with, and they have been able to easily handle every job we've asked for, including the site work for additions, new buildings, parking lots, drainage issues, water and sewer lines, and multiple smaller projects.  Dean is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the job is done right and has always made sure that we are 100% satisfied with every job.